Property Management

Management Contracts vary by need of individual communities which costs are based on size or number of units. From collecting maintenance fees and paying community carrying charges to performing repairs to common area and snow plowing – contracts can be simple or all-inclusive. Managers visit the site as often as is needed or requested, overseeing and approving contractors work, the Manager looks out for the best interest of the community by being the eyes of each Board Manager and ultimately the unit owners by keeping the community in it’s beautifully aesthetic condition.


If we cannot fix it – we will get someone to fix it for you….no worries. With an extensive list of loyal, dedicated and responsive contractors, you can rest assured we will get the job done, quickly and efficiently, and at the best possible cost to you.

House Watching

Let us keep an eye on your home when you are away. With the added benefits of weekly or monthly house checks, homeowners can rest assured someone is taking care of your home. There is also the service of letting us turn on your air conditioning or heat so your home is ready for your arrival. If you need to have some groceries waiting in the refrigerator – we would be happy to accommodate that request. We are equipped to plow your driveway, if you decide to come for a winter visit – just e-mail or call ahead.

Estate Management

Let us run your home for you. Kick off your shoes, leave your worries to us…….and go enjoy the Hamptons. Swim at the ocean or in the privacy of your backyard pool……we will take the worry out of meeting contractors or waiting for a service technician to come. The benefits are priceless……

Pool Services

The pool season starts Memorial Day and ends as late as October 1st, as Boards or Homeowners request.

Commercial Pool Services

Providing a professional CPO (Certified Pool Operator) and working in unison with the Department of Health Services, we provide daily pool testing, pool testing education, water balancing. Pools are open to be ready for swimming by the specified date and closed promptly at the designated end of the season. Weekly pool vacuuming keeps pools in pristine condition for enjoyable, safe and healthy swimming daily. Pool repairs and upgrades with state of the art pool products are always a discussion away. The benefit of the knowledge of the CPO keeps community pools that are regulated by the Dept of Health Services, free from violations.

Residential Pool Services

Individual homeowners pools are tested and vacuumed weekly to ensure a sparkling and sanitary pool each and every time a homeowner jumps in. Pool opening and closing is available as well as providing options for pool upgrades, fencings, and anything pool-related.

Concierge Services

Last minute decision to take a ride out to the Hamptons or North Fork for the weekend????? We will be happy to go to your home or unit and turn up the heat, fill the fridge with fresh milk/eggs/bread, for the morning’s breakfast, turn on the water, or heat up the pool. You will never sleep on a cold mattress or wake up the next morning without milk for your coffee!!


Using a professional accounting software, Quickbooks, all financial records of a community are kept in perfect order. Bookkeeping Contracts for the financial management of Condominiums, Co-Ops and Homeowners Associations include all of the daily income and expense tasks. Monthly reporting, budgeting and keeping accurate balances at any given time is something we pride ourselves on. Monthly billing to all homeowners or tenants is paramount in keeping the property well-maintained. We also prepare annual budgets and monthly financial reports to all Board Members so that they can accurately and fiduciarily manage the community they lead.

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